It seems almost unreal to us, now that we are traveling across the US for a few days, we experience the highlights of our trip through Alaska and Northwestern Canada once again by watching the film sequences and we are surprised what we’ve seen. We have driven thousands of miles on lonely roads, crossed innumerable mountain passes, saw the highest peak of this continent, walked on glaciers, bathed in turquoise lakes and had incredible animal encounters. It is not easy to summarize all this in 3.5 minutes … We have dared and hope the result has succeeded ?

Another highlight of the last weeks were the reunions with people! A joint travel week on Vancouver Island with friends and godchildren from Switzerland, a stopover by an old school friend from times long gone by and in the USA, we met up with friends from Germany to visit the famous national parks together. More of that in the next reports, first now let’s start the movie!

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