Because we have a day off in Switzerland on the 1st of August, thanks to the birthday of our country, we take the chance and head south towards the Dolomites – a paradise for birds, climbers, nature lovers and photographers. Envious, we have to admit that the beauty of these mountains makes our Alps nearly look a little pale. But only almost fsince we have the Matterhorn! We are ashamed of our thoughts, especially since we do not even celebrate birthday with Switzerland.

In the summits

Instead, we climb the 2000-meter limit several times with our truck. Directly from our bedroom window we see in the morning the glowing rocks in the rising sun. Early in the morning Stefan wrapped up warm and hunts armed with the tripod for pictures while Thomas is satisfied with the view from the roof window.

The absolute highlight is the night at the three peaks. The pitch at 2320 meters above the sea allows us to experience the sunset with a picnic at one of the small mountain lakes very close to the three peaks and to be back again in our home before it is dark.

Great experience

The food is also great. Especially apple, cherry and quark strudel regularly find their way in our hungry bellies and we have to be careful that we do not have to drag more kilos across the trails daily.

The fresh air, the food, the good wine and the incomparable landscape maks the short tripp a unfergettable experiance with a single fault – it went by far too fast.

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