One thing is certain, we are heading south into the warmth an to the sea. Only where we have not decided yet. We left home yesterday and right now we are already on the southern side of the Alps. In a good mood our singing is drowning out the radio and the driving noise. Sardinia and Croatia are our favorites. At some point we will have to decide. Go straight on to Genoa or turn left to Venice. We decide to turn left, Croatia we are coming!


Venice is a dream of impressive palazzos, playful bridges and romantic gondoliers. Despite the tourist masses, the lagoon town still kept its charm in many ways and invites you to dream away. Especially the old houses where the ravages of time and the water did not fail to leave its mark are inspiring the imagination and lead our spirits back in time of masked balls and the extensive lifestyle. Did Apérol Spritz already exist back then? Fortunately it does today and is available in every corner to tempt you to enjoy.

We stroll through the narrow alleys away from the big plazas and navigate with vaporettos on the channels for miles and miles.


Shortly after crossing the Croatian border, we leave the paved road and drive on a gravel road through the thicket to a clearing. Here we decide to stay for the night. After dinner, the drops of a warm rain span an arc over us and our mobile home. It almost seems as if Croatia sends us its warm welcome. We go to bed tired and dream of freedom, rainbows and our adventures to come on the sea.

The next morning we finally reach the coast, set over with a ferry to one of the numerous islands enchanted by the clear, turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea with its late summer sun. We spend the next days on beautiful secluded bays and pass the nights between giant rosemary and sage bushes. Both spice up our dishes excellently. Time is just flying by and in the evenings we dream away by watching the romantic sunsets.


Enough of beeing lazy! After a few days we’re heading to the inland and we’re not prepared of what we find there. As soon as get into the mountains, we find warning signs for anti-personnel landmines left and right of the road. Those and the abandoned and dilapidated houses are the remains of an unnecessary and sad war.

In the evening we reach the national park, we buy a ticket and rush in… Well, in what? In a flock of Asians hitting us with their selfie-sticks and almost pushing us into the cold and crystal clear water. To escape the masses, we set off before sunrise the next day and explore the less-known areas of the park. A direct hit! Early in the morning we are almost alone and rewarded with mystical fog rising above the water basin in the golden morning light in the midst of this enchaned landscape.


The beauty of nature is stunning and we visit another national park in Croatia.

A whole day we`re hiking in the magnificent scenery where Karl Mays masterpiece “Winnetou” was filmed. The valley with its imposing rocks has rightly served as a setting for the famous Indian and Old Shatterhands, and the redskin Stefan and his white brother Thomas thinking theirself back into their childhood.



Their name can hardly be pronounced, but the waterfalls of the Krka national park are simply beautiful. The clear and cool water first ripples over the rocks before it later rushes with roar and lots of steam into the depths. This and the mirror reflections in the beautifully embedded lakes offer many motifs for a photographer.


Back on the coast we taking things slow. Again and again we find wonderful and lonley bush camps right on the beach. We enjoy the extended summer and swim in the turquoise waters of the Croatian coast.


The southernmost point of our trip is Dubrovnik. It’s a wonderful town but the tourist masses sadly tarnishing the image a bit. Thanks to “Game of Thrones” the city became world famous and now bursts at the seams. Locals do not seem to live here anymore, instead it offers a huge selection of souvenir shops and restaurants. Nevertheless, a walk on the old city wall is more than worthwhile. The views are breathtaking.

The car ferry finally takes us from Split to Ancona. From there it’s only a stone’s throw back to the autumnal hometown.

Croatia captivated us with its diversity. Great landscapes on a beautiful coast with friendly people. Croatia we love you, you are just wonderful!

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