Bravely, our vehicle climbs switchback after switchback in ever thinner air up to the Tioga pass. The temperature drops noticeably, finally we are at over 3000 meters and we are glad that the announced snowfall has been delayed! Little streams, lakes and pine trees dominate the area in this magnificent mountain landscape and we’re surrounded by the mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada. Several kilometers ago we have crossed the border into Yosemite national park and now stop for lunch at exactly the spot where the famous, over 4000 kilometers long “Pacific Crest Trail” crosses our street. We stroll with our mobile along the winding road, make photo stops at the crystal-clear mountain lakes and hike this rather remote part of the famous national park.

In the afternoon sun, we start our descent into the valley. Many stunning vista points line this path and at sunset we are rewarded with a first glimpse of the glowing rocks of the famous “El Capitan”. We spend the next days in this lush green valley and enjoy the autumnal atmosphere here. The golden light and the yellow and red leaves of the deciduous trees make us believe that we are traveling somewhere in the Alps. If it wasn’t for the huge granite rock formations and vertically walls that climbers from all over the world come to conquer here. After the sun has sunk behind the horizon, they shine majestically in pinks, purples and blues and we manage to shoot the image familiar to all users of Apple computers. But let the pictures speak for themselves for once.


After our visit to Yosemite national park we continue on to Stockton. In this city Georg, a native of Austria, owns a workshop with the catchy name “Valley Hybrids” which is specialized in Toyota Landcruisers. Here, our so far extremely reliable vehicle receives a well-deserved check-up! It’s a super laid-back atmosphere in the garage and the whole team is super competent. They eliminate a few small aches and pains and because the day is already well advanced, we’re allowed to spend the night in the backyard of the shop so that the work can be completed the next day. We receive a “thumbs up” and are glad that the checkup does not produce anything unexpected and that our vehicle is in perfect condition. To keep it this way, we swap all fluids and oils and buy a few spare parts – a successful SPA cure for our home on wheels! We drive on to the highway to get to the coast and to San Francisco on the quickest way.

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