Let's find a beautiful place and get lost

Let's Go

We live on an amazing planet where there is so much to discover. Infected by the travel bug, we leave everything behind and travel with our Toyota Land Cruiser, converted to a Motorhome, along the dream road Panamericana.

We begin our journey in Halifax, drive to Alaska and then head south towards Chile. The great thing about travelling is that it gives you the feeling of doing everything right. You dive into the adventure and when you are surfacing, you will realize how much you have changed.

We love to share our experiences with you here and look forward to seeing you.



After leaving our camper all alone at the harbour of Antwerp we are more than happy to get it back three weeks later in Halifax without any major bureaucracy.

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We are moving into our new home. It is a small cottage on the edge of a forest, on the beach by the sea, at the border of a clear lake, in the desert, in the mountains or elsewhere.

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One thing is certain, we are heading south into the warmth an to the sea. Only where we have not decided yet. We left home yesterday and right now we are already on the southern side of the Alps. In a good mood our singing is drowning out the radio and the driving noise. Sardinia and Croatia are our favorites.

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